“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into the giving.” -Mother Teresa


My Story 

I’ve been in private practice for eighteen years.  I was led to the role of healer from a deep prayer within my heart to be of the best service I could be.  Unconditional love is intelligent and can be blissfully healing in many ways. It has infinite healing potential. To be a vehicle of healing and spiritual growth, is not only to ‘do no harm’ and facilitate healing, but to extend love freely. That is my life’s overarching passion and purpose. 

Early on, I was naturally drawn to serve as a care giver for the terminally ill. Most memorably in 1993, I journeyed to India, got to have a surprising private meeting with Mother Teresa in her convent, and volunteered with her Missionaries Of Charity in Calcutta. 

Soon after, I was given A Course In Miracles, as a gift from my wife to be, Alexandra. The Course began to lay the foundation for serving people in a new way. As every one knows, appearances can be deceiving. Deeper healing is the result of turning away from the strong belief in physical sight. Suspending judgment, is the beginning of letting love lead the way, through forgiveness. Eventually, love always leads everyone to forgive the adverse people and circumstances of their lives. Gratitude always results, and illness is sometimes resolved completely.

When I met Alexandra twenty three years ago, I began to see just how total this journey of forgiveness is. Joining in a common purpose, in a committed relationship, is a vocation in itself.  

In our joining, I learned we are all given a unique and exciting part to play, in collaboration with the power of love. A part only each of us can fill. My role as a healer is my own unique expression, which love directs me to do because I love it. I’m happy and grateful doing it. 


Studies & Training

Paul Bica at  Vagabondish.com

Paul Bica at Vagabondish.com

In the late nineties, I attended two accredited schools of bodywork: Maui Academy of the Healing Arts, and later, the Zero balancing professional training. I developed my communication skills at the Leela School, where I trained in clinical hypnosis; learning the therapeutic use of the enneagram and NLP (neurolinguistic programing). 

Looking back at that early time, I was probably over compensating for my inexperience, by gathering lots of amazing skills. Now, having skills doesn’t mean as much to me. What is useful in each session reveals itself by actively listening with a quiet mind, an open heart, and sensitive hands. I let love spontaneously improvise and intuitively guide the way! 



  • Massage and Bodywork: Maui Academy of the Healing Arts 1996-1998
  • Bodywork Apprenticeship: A  2yr apprenticeship with master bodyworker John Impey 1998-2000

  • Zero Balancing: Graduate of the Zero Balancing certification program 2011 and member of the Zero Balancing Health Association.

  • Leela School:  Leela Therapy practitioner & Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist until  2000- 2006. (currently inactive with Leela organization).


supplemental Experience and training

  • Sai shakti Healing/ 5 elements 
  • Ayuhuasca medicine retreats
  • Vajra Armor wisdom magic
  • Taoist Chi Kung practitioner 
  • Lomi Lomi Hawaiian bodywork
  • Jin Shin Do Acupressure (level 3)
  • Tui Na
  • Shiatsu 
  • Tragerwork
  • Polarity Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Official Oneness blessing giver
  • Kundalini yoga 
  • Nutritional Microscopy
  • Cadaver dissection