Change of Heart Coaching 

We all have amazing gifts.  My gifts are offered by listening and working with you intuitively until harmony is revealed. I like to think of myself as gently relentless on behalf of your best interests. Come as you are. You needn’t be in a crisis to deepen from our work. Yet within difficult circumstances and painful emotions, there is are unexpected gifts, if we care to look.

When a change of heart occurs, we become more aware of how to meet life’s circumstances with love, and less concerned with the circumstances themselves.  All problems are finally resolved in love.  Along the way, we can elect to change every thought that hurts us. If the end is love, to get there, the step beneath our feet is always one of learning to love ourselves, and every aspect of our life situation. 

We don’t have to like our situation in order to love it.  Life doesn’t have to go our way in order to be happy.  As a matter of fact, our preferences become peripheral as we learn to forgive ourselves and others, and meet our world with love. Gracefully responding to life means we develop integrity. We learn to access our inner strength and become resourceful in amazing, miraculous ways. Instead of struggling with life, we can cooperate with the universe for the joy and wellbeing of all.