Heart to heart Coaching 

"To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light."



My purpose and passion is to bring you into greater levels of health and happiness. The clarity and light I share teaches you how to access your own intuitive gifts, and use them in service of the greater good.

When crises is upon us, listening to silence is usually the last thing on our list. But in silence, our own intuitive wisdom leads the way. We learn to slow down and deeply listen. Can we let ourselves be assisted, and trust the power which is guiding us? 

As an adjunct, I may sometimes suggest using advanced cleansing protocols, to assist you in clearing your body of toxins, and raise your energy. This is a natural part of my repertoire for the healing journey, since it has been so integral in my direct experience. I have seen many people greatly assisted in their lives, on all levels, by incorporating cleansing in their lives.

Session Types 

  1. Lifestyle Alignment - cleansing, movement practice & daily vitality protocols. Core stability.
  2. Healing Relationships - clearing entanglement, re-patterning and re-visioning. Emotional maturity.
  3. Spiritual Development - integration in self love and forgiveness. This opens the gateway to awareness of our joyous infinite nature. Prosperity and purpose are made manifest.

Practically speaking, a session may include combining some or all of these elements.


1hr $100

1.5 hrs $125

2.0 hrs $150

Call Alexandra, 415.250.9455 to book.

Cash, personal check, credit card.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify Alexandra two days so your session time can best be rescheduled. No shows are charged at $50 per session. Your consideration appreciated.

What to bring

Your willingness

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