above artwork by local artist Julie Alonso

Transformational BODYWORK

My Style

My style of bodywork is transformational and eclectic. Over the last 20yrs it has evolved to support many levels. Generally, I notice three signatures of my work in varying degrees, each session. I bring about ease of alignment, open the breath and balance the energy.  This often results in greater emotional stability and strength.

Often I flow pranic energy through my hands, with long fluid strokes, marked by deeply peaceful states of consciousness.  I sometimes do very subtle work with the very tips of my fingers along the skin. At other times my touch can be very penetrating to facilitate great release. 

By working with the fascial web and dense skeletal energy, I create equal tension throughout the structure.  Once the tension is freed up, I tend to integrate the energy through the core, out toward the periphery.

The activated healing energy removes blockages by its natural rhythm, as I pace with the breath.  At some point during a session the core energy system begins to vibrate and balance. 

These wonderful fields and channels sing in harmony when healing occurs. Many times I have been told that the effects of my touch are both peaceful and energizing. Yet I'm always amazed at the power of healing energy to bring positive effects for both of us, often bringing greater ease in our lives, in ways that are unexpected and delightful.