Zero Balancing


Zero Balancing is a bodywork protocol that is done with clothes on. Rhythm, touch, and just the right amount of traction, all combine as unique signatures of this unique healing art.

The effect of a session, simply put, is to restore a state of optimal health. This is done in part by evoking a natural breathing cycle during the session. Just that alone can be profoundly peaceful, extremely relaxing, and foster positive changes on many levels. But Zero Balancing is a diamond with many facets:  it often quiets the mind, stabilizes emotions, enhances physical well being, and even renews our awareness of spirit.

“ZB”, for short, was developed by Dr. Fritz Smith, M.D. A living testimony to his work, Dr. Fritz is in his mid eighties and continues teaching and evolving his craft. He states, “ZB considers the relationship between the energy and structure in the human body as a fundamental underpinning of health.”  This implies that health is not only about addressing mechanical mechanisms and chemical imbalances, which have seemed to stake their claim over our culture of medicine.

In a ZB session, clearer and stronger fields of energy are cultivated to resolve imbalances on many levels. But all imbalances are addressed from the most dense level of structure: the bones. It’s a keenly insightful way of touching the whole person on a far reaching level. It harmonizes many different levels, often inducing expanded states of consciousness in a short amount of time, and thus returning the receiver back to center. Being based on principles of nature, ZB can significantly deepen our experience of receiving touch. I consider ZB as one of the easiest ways of learning to “oh-so” intensely relax; even a doorway into deep meditation.

Being a healing system which is not based on allopathic models of symptom care and disease, Zero Balancing is free to focus on one’s health, their potential, and their actualization. While it is thoughtful and deeply considerate of one’s condition, it is a non diagnostic approach to healing. It often addresses issues on an unspoken level which then ripple through the entire being of the recipient.

The model for how ZB works, is informed by western scientific investigation into human anatomy and quantum physics. Those principles are then married with eastern principles of energy and healing. And upon this extraordinarily compatible synthesis of east and west, a profound foundation for every session is laid.