Live food lifestyle & nutritional education 

Lifestyle and nutrition is often a topic of many conflicting beliefs and carefully guarded opinions about what we need to thrive. How to live, and what is right for us to consume, is something we all have to be open to discover for ourselves.  We have to trust our inner guidance. But our health will be challenged if our choices are impulsive, based in lack, or made to cover over emotional pain. (Emotional eating is something we could all probably relate to at one time or another.)  Poor food choices would certainly be less damaging without the guilt. And attempting to avoid pain, by stuffing or starving ourselves only makes things worse.

Healthy living is not only related to what we put in our bodies, but how we put it in. Happiness may flourish even if the diet isn’t considered healthy.  For example some Italians tend to eat a lot of meat and wheat, drink wine daily, and even smoke. But they are community oriented, they grow gardens, share their meals and conversations actively, and live close to the land. Ironically, they live longer, relatively happy lives. 

In our experience, all of lifestyle and nutrition could be said to be an adjunct to the healing of our minds, a clarification of our motivation. What is it for? Essentially, we use it to support clear thinking and improved functioning. And always our aim is only to assist the deeper healing work.

"Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food."





Gabriel Cousens One of our first teachers in healthy living on all levels and one of the best. Gratitude to Dr Cousens! Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Arizona and books.

Hippocrates Institute A hands on 3 week program in healthy living. You will return renewed and with the skills to stay healthy.

Gerson Therapy Clear and practical protocols for cleansing.

Water Fasting True North Health Center, Petaluma, CA. A residential ($139 to $259 daily rate) is a way to effectively clear health issues while taking a break.

Natural Medicine Resource Source Dr Michael Murray offers cutting edge healing tips and seminars

Pranic Nourishment Come back to the breath and deeply nourish yourself from inner light. The whole universe is in a photon. Shine brightly with your inner smile.

Renegade Health Great blog with practical solutions and tips

The truth about Cancer video series with Ty Bollinger. Ty has put so much of the research together in an easy to view format.


Pure Life Enema Supplies for your in-home cleansing practices. A great company, their friendly staff can assist you with your ordering questions.

3 Day Cleanse An effective way to remove intestinal plaque. Most effectively done in 8 days of cleansing.

Movement and Exercise

Egoscue Method Inspired exercises for spinal alignment and pain-free living.

Edgu (edge-you) Evolutionary spinal maintenance

Recommended rebounder:

We recommend the Bellicon rebounder for the best bounce and it’s super quiet. 

Just 15 mins per day will set the day right. Improve your circulation and body’s ability to cleanse and heal. Convert gravity into a cardio-boosting, muscle-toning, fat-burning workout that improves balance, strengthens bones and increases flexibility without straining muscles or joints.

Kundalini yoga with Kia Miller. We love our retreats with Kia. Gentle, dynamic, practical, fun and inspiring.


Spiritual Healing

Master John Douglas. Tours the US one or two times per year. 

Healing body, mind and soul. What is subconscious is brought conscious and removed or repaired by profound Angelic support.

Healing happen through group and one to one sessions with John Douglas and by listening to the CDs.



The Synergy Company food-based vitamins and superfoods of the highest quality. When it’s this natural the body registers it as food not a supplement. Our favorite for more than 10 years.

Global Healing Center, highest quality, trusted research. We recommend all products, our favorite and regular choices are…

  • Digestive & Systemic Enzymes (VeganZyme)
  • Nascent Iodine (Detoxadine)
  • Safe & Natural Colon Cleanser (Oxy-Powder)
  • Detox Foot Pads
  • Male Vitality Booster (Androtrex)
  • Female Vitality & Hormone Balance (Female Fusion)
  • Ultimate Hydration Supplement for Health & Athletics (MegaHydrate)

Raw Food World Organic raw food warehouse, coconut oil, goji berries, olive oil, chia seeds, nuts. etc. It’s worth getting on the email list to be notified of monthly at-cost-specials.

Silver Colloid & Zeolite results RNA offer nano size oral sprays, easy to take. Carry with you in your bag and use regularly.

Natural News Store

  • Optimal Vitamin D
  • Health Ranger's Organic Turmeric Gold liquid extract
  • LiyfBiotic Multi-Strain Probiotics

Phour Salts from pH Miracle Living. Effective way to alkalize and energize.

Rich’s Distributing for MSM

  • Best prices for MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane. Unlike Sulfur, MSM is completely water-soluble and non-toxic). MSM Torpedo tablets 500 ct.
  • 1000mg of Pure MSM pressed in to a flat oval shape for easy swallowing.

Vegan Omega 3 from Clary Sage seed oil, soft gel caps are great for travel if you can’t manage chia seeds.

Ocean Minerals from the Australian Barrier Reef. A teaspoon in water is a natural electrolyte and advanced mineral supplement.

Tulsi Tea from Organic India, affordable to buy in bulk because this tea is so good.

Breakaway Matcha green tea, for a treat this is the best green tea hot or cold.