Sai-Shakti Healing


Everything in creation is made of light and vibration. Especially at the the soul level, each and every one of us is shining and radiating the vibration of pure divine love.  We all have divine soul nature. Even in our illusions, that has been kept safe for us. And great healing occurs when we return to the soul, however we get there.  And in the process, we are washed clean of illusions.

Sai Shakti Healing is an amazing way to wash us clean of illusions, and to get in touch with the soul’s healing power. It can lighten our personal karmic load. It works with the mind and the heart, but is primarily concerned with the level of the soul.  

Using the anatomy of the chakras, Sai Shakti Healing touches the body at key “treasure spots”.  The client is fully clothed. During the session many recipients feel transported, and they may disappear for most of it. Or they might go into a deeply altered state of consciousness. I am joined with them in their deepest intention, touching their energy centers, and using sacred healing sounds, or mantras, to help facilitate the healing.

Sai Shakti Healing can even be considered as a type of yoga, or a spiritual pathway onto itself, which is focused on healing heartbreak and lessening suffering of all kinds. It is a recent resurgence of an ancient knowledge kept hidden in palm leaf manuscripts from India, (which date back up to seven thousand years old.)  Those manuscripts were written and perhaps hidden at some point, by ancient “rishis”, or spiritually accomplished “seers”, who saw into extraordinary levels of divine consciousness, for the benefit of all humanity. They recorded their knowledge for a future time, which is apparently now.

This particular ancient knowledge of Sai Shakti, was brought into modern day usage by Swami Kaleshwar, himself a modern day rishi, in the lineage of the timeless saint Shirdi Sai Baba.  Sri Kaleshwar died in 2012,  at age 39, notifying his students for years in advance, that he would be of even greater help after he left his body.

Personally, I have continued to deepen in my own healing process, by sharing this work. But the work itself, is mostly impersonal; I am clearly not doing it myself. Clint Thompson, MD., a student of Sri Kaleshwar, introduced me to it in 2004. His devotion to Sri Kaleshwar remains inspirational, as is his commitment.  I have used Sai Shakti Healing techniques fairly regularly, (or they have used me) ever since I received it.

Sai Shakti is an experiential channel of energy that can be explained in this archetypal way:  I, the practitioner, call upon the universal father aspect(Sai, or consciousness) to bring in the universal mother aspect(Shakti, or miracle energy). The shakti energy is the Divine Mother’s hallmark, and brings about amazing shifts for anyone she touches. She can be seen in many ways, sometimes as a inner spark, which can open us up, enliven us, make us weep, and redirect our lives for our highest good. She can come in response to anyone’s cry for help. At pivotal times in our lives, she sets us on a higher course, or can radically shift our direction. She can even enlighten us. 

She is the energy related to nature, and in Sai Shakti Healing, She can actually be “implemented” to bring about healing. Through the power of my conscious prayer, joined with the client’s intention, and especially joined with Sri Kaleshwar’s lineage, the shakti energy is called into action. Sai Shakti Healing is a way of consciously calling upon, and implementing the shakti. 

“Implementing the shakti” doesn’t mean I am in charge of the process. I participate with my prayer and intention, but She is in charge. It is a transmission that comes from the Divine. Transmission, or “cosmic shaktipat”, as it is called, does not come from me, the practitioner, but it flows through through me to the client, as I allow myself to be used in this way. The shakti is inseparable from Sri Kaleshwar and Sri Shirdi Sai Baba’s blessing, which cannot be denied, once it is felt.

Interestingly, a “soul group” of spirit beings, specifically connected to this body of work, sometimes are sensed to give these healings. (Perhaps that is partly why this work is also super effective for distance healings.) Either me, or the client, or both may feel it. Sometimes clients have reported feeling four or more hands on other distant body parts. Or they may think I’m standing in a different place in the room.  Angels may also be felt as a strong increase in vibration and light. The client may have all kinds of inner experiences, and sometimes not a lot happening at all. The shakti energy has it’s own intelligence and knows just what is needed.

Allow me to be the first to say, however, that these phenomena are totally out of my control. The session needn’t be phenomenal to remain highly effective. Phenomena can be inspiring, but isn’t the source of the healing.  Sai Shakti Healing works at the root level of whatever we may be challenged with, enlivening the soul with the power of cosmic shakti, to heal all levels of our lives.