Letters of Love 

Powerful healing work

Brian's gentle and kind presence creates a safe environment for his clients to open their hearts and bodies to his strong and powerful healing work

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Beyond the physical

“I have received bodywork from many different practitioners since age four. Brian is possibly the best bodyworker I have had the pleasure to work with. The benefits of my sessions with him have gone way beyond the physical, and have been enlightening emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Francois Levannier, Author, speaker and coach

a unique blend of sensitivity

Brian is a unique blend of sensitivity, strength, gentleness, kindness, a spiritual man walking a life of integrity, intention and service, all of which comes through his skillful hands, his prayers, his sounds, his being, his caring and his love as he treats you body and spirit through massage and hands on healing work. I always leave his office filled with gratitude for what i have received, what i have experienced.  May your healing flow!  

 Dr. Tom Pinkson, drtompinkson.com, www.nierica.com


"It has been my good fortune to have known Brian for over five years, and he has had a profound impact on my health and well being! Brian is wise beyond his years. He is an active listener, deeply caring, intuitive, and the Gold Standard with his healing touch. He gladly shares his research about health products, and I am grateful to him for all he has shared and given to me. He has my highest recommendation."

-Carolyn Steinberg, International fund raiser for Haddasah Hospital in Jerusalem



Loving guidance and wisdom

"Brian helps to put it all together with emotional and spiritual support that I find so invaluable. As we connect and discuss where I am in my life and spirit,the session becomes much more powerful. Brian really listens and is so loving with his guidance and wisdom. He has a way to bring such peace,grounding and connectedness into the space. He brings me to a place where I can reconnect and recharge.”

— Sue Gess, Kaiser Pharmacist


A truly deep integrative experience

“As a long-time bodywork and energy work practitioner myself, I am very particular about who I see to receive bodywork care. Brian is one of the few practitioners I see on a regular basis. He is a highly trained professional who has devoted his life to his work, and that is very evident in his sessions. But as importantly, or even more so, he holds a deep, grounded space and presence that allows healing and resolution on all levels to take place -- physical, emotional, spiritual. A truly deep integrative experience, and my body always feels better!”

Diane Peterson, M.A., R.C.S.T..