Bellicon Rebounders


Why BEllicon? 

Bellicon Rebounders offer super low impact and are safe for everyone. Quiet, buoyant bouncing you’ll LOVE and want to return to again and again. Check out this video for the full explanation! Order your rebounder through Alexandra & Brian’s Bellicon affiliate partner consultant link

Thank you for your support :)

Choose your Model 

To select the rebounder that is right for you, follow the easy “choose your bellicon” guide. We personally recommend either the Bellicon Classic or the Bellicon Plus.

Bellicon Classic 

Bellicon Classic 

Bellicon Premium

Bellicon Premium

Bellicon Plus- T-bar is removable 

Bellicon Plus- T-bar is removable 

We recommend 44" diameter small enough to leave out and you are drawn to bounce more. 

We recommend 44" diameter small enough to leave out and you are drawn to bounce more. 


  • 44” mat
  • fold-up legs
  • extra-strong bungees
  • Choose your mat and bungee colors.
  • Each rebounder purchase comes with a free 90 day membership to the Bellicon Home Video Training, thereafter, if you choose to continue, $7.99 per mo.
  • Bellicon Plus (pictured)... the T bar is removable and nice to have for extra balance on off balance days and for new-to-rebounding friends.
  • OK use outside but store the Bellicon indoors.
  • The Bellicon Premium, all stainless frame, more expensive. Advised for extra durability in high-humidity environments, (Hawaii, Florida).




Financing with PayPal Credit: 6 months interest free with no money down. Flexible and easy to set up, many customers take advantage of this service.

  1. Apply for pay pal credit
  2. Access the Bellicon website via our affiliate link choose the type and colors of your Bellicon. Choose "installment plan" atcheckout. In order for Alexandra & Brian to receive referral credit for your transaction you must complete and checkout via our affiliate link online.
  3. Call Bellicon, 888.988.5661, M-F 9-5 EST, let them know you’ve complete the online process and request and they email you a Paypal invoice to pay with Paypal Credit. This is the easiest way to complete the transaction. Sample pricing at right is for the Bellicon Plus (with T bar) delivered to CA:


The 3 main T bar functions (For the BEllicon Plus)

  1. Helps balance with soft, light bouncing in stressful times. Good support to gently build bone density.
  2. Attach resistance bands to T bar for high intensity power workouts, see “buy accessories” section of website.
  3. Attach a tablet holder (avail. mid May 2017), see “buy accessories” section of website. Accessories can come later, good to have the option to add easily.

**In the future Bellicon is developing a T bar for the Classic model but the legs wont fold up easily with this model. One of the legs will be used to attach the bar.


Sample Payment 


Shipping costs.................................$39.00

Grand Total (Incl.Tax)..................$818.00