All you need to know about Water

Recommended water systems for all parts of life.  

“Water is the only drink for a wise man.”

- Henry David Thoreau


Not all water is the same. Not all water is used for the same purposes. In researching Water, I found alkaline water with dissolved molecular hydrogen to be beneficial for drinking and lower pH structured water beneficial for bathing.

Everyday Use - at your kitchen sink

We switched from drinking reverse osmosis and bottled water to Hydrogen Enhanced, Alkaline water and noticed an immediate improvement in digestion, immunity and energy. Molecular hydrogen or diatomic hydrogen, H2, is tiny enough to permeate even sub-cellular structures such as the mitochondria making it extremely bioavailable. Studies show drinking this water reduces pain and inflammation, improves energy, cognitive function, exercise performance and recovery. H2 neutralizes harmful free radicals by rapidly and easily converting toxic free (hydroxyl OH-) radicals to water: H2 + 2 OH – > 2 H2O. H2 supports the body’s enzyme and antioxidant production, hydrates cells and supports overall health and wellness. More and more studies are showing hugely beneficial results including DNA repair.

We became Dealers with AlkaViva in 2009 and recommend the Athena H2 or Vesta H2 with Ultra clean filtration, reliable performance and value. Lifetime warranty on parts. 5 selectable alkaline pH levels for drinking, from slightly alkaline for daily support to high alkaline to remedy a hangover! 3 selectable acidic levels, as a safe disinfectant for cleaning skin and retaining moisture, for nontoxic cleaning of household surfaces and vegetable washing.

Fasting with Distilled water

Hydrogen Enhanced, Alkaline water is our first choice for a water system however we drink water that has zero minerals to pull inorganic minerals that can’t be broken down by the body. AquaNui Distillers,  MegaHome counter top distiller, makes 1 liter every 4 hours from tap water. 

What to do when traveling

Pour the best water you can find through a Portable Structuring Unit. We became Distributors with Natural Action Technologies in 2012. We are now distributors with Rainmaker, we witness all round satisfaction from clients who have purchased these units. 10 year warranty, no maintenance!

Add Omni Blue Minerals and MegaHydrate supplement to enhance bio-availability and energy. Structuring water neutralizes memory and toxins, lowers surface tension. Wherever possible carry water in glass for non-leaching and reusability.  Recommended green glass 4-liter jugs for road trips. Free shipping on orders over $59




Running your shower water through a structuring unit before the water hits your body makes the steam safe to breathe and transform’s city water into non-toxic, balanced and coherent water. Skin and hair feel great, the body’s energy field is cleared and enlivened. Quantum free energy technology - the water cleans itself by passing through a vortex of 30 balls in a geometric sequence.

Ideally, use a carbon filter (white housing) at your shower arm to remove chloramine and chlorine so the smell and taste of the tap water are eliminated then screw in a structuring unit (blue unit) right before the shower head or wand


Whole House

Choose a reliable, affordable whole house system such as Aquasana that has good availability for replacement filters. 

Add a Rainmaker Whole House Structuring unit to clear water memory, bring coherence and enhance the energetics in the home. When the piping in a home has structured water running through it the whole house is harmonized, gardens need 30% less water - with a lower surface tension plants uptake water more readily. Plants grow stronger, bloom more abundantly and vegetables have a higher BRIX count.


Adding a structuring unit at the end of the hose or in-line in the irrigation system will greatly enhance the growth and nutritional content of a garden. If you are a gardener or farmer adding the element of structured water will set your garden for success.

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