Letters of Love

The last few months have been incredibly transformative for both myself and family.  I still feel I am experiencing the effects of the constellation therapy we did together.  In fact its quite amazing… I now actually have my mother staying with us. It has been both challenging and rewarding to reconnect with my mother again and to form a bond.  A few months ago I don’t even think I would have even entertained the idea, however here we are :-). I feel this profound turnaround has much to do with the work we did and for that I am truly grateful.

-Kasha G. // Melbourne, Australia



Awesomely Helpful Session

"I've been wanting to let you know how awesomely helpful my session with you was.  It has stayed with me and guided me and grown in me.  Thank you so much."

— Susan S. // San Rafael, California 


Gentle and Insightful

“Alexandra helped me transform my health in more ways than one. I came to her at a time of great change in my life and the world of health seemed overwhelming-- I did not know where to begin. She gently and insightfully urged me to make small changes to my diet and detoxing routine. Alex is a pure and generous heart and I could feel her wisdom the moment I walked through the door. She changed my life and empowered me to take the health of my body into my own hands. She is a wealth of knowledge on water, supplements, diet and detoxing. Alex exemplifies what it means to be a glowing and beautiful spirt within the body and without! Thanks Alex! ”

Allie P. // San Francisco, California